8 Point Face Lift

8 Point Face Lift

8 Point Face Lift
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What is the 8-point face lift?

The 8 Point Facelift was created by the world-renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr. Mauricio de Maio. By restoring volume lost by aging, to strategically planned 8 key areas of your face, you can achieve a lift to your face, tightening sagging skin and reducing wrinkles without having to go under the knife! 🔪 

How does dermal filler help?

With ageing, the face loses volume which creates sagging, folds, lines and wrinkles, usually not just confined to one particular area of your face, but to several (such as the jowls, bags under the eyes, cheeks, corners of the mouth, etc.). Not only does this leave you looking older, but it can also make you look sad, tired or grumpy all the time. 😠 

In addition, the face begins to lack volume and definition as the aging process takes over and our bones begin to shrink and change shape. Getting rid of facial wrinkles may not be enough to obscure the signs of aging. For a truly youthful look, you'd have to reshape the bones in your face, a study says.

The 8 Point Face Lift is an advanced technique that targets 8 key facial areas in order to restore volume, enhance and contour your natural features, and lift, smooth and tighten your face — while aiming to minimising the amount of filler required to be injected (making it more cost effective). This also helps to minimise the "puffy face" effect sometimes seen in celebrities who have had too much facial filler!

The 8 Point Face Lift aims to provide a more complete facial rejuvenation experience than treatments which only focus on one or two areas of your face. By targeting multiple key areas, the 8 Point Face Lift helps to maximise the face lifting, supportive, and contouring effects that dermal fillers offer.

Cheekbones can appear more defined, dark circles under the eyes reduced, folds that run from the nose to mouth flattened, and downturned corners of mouth restored back to their natural smiley position.

Facial asymmetry can also be corrected using this technique, restoring a balanced and attractive symmetry to your face.

Areas that the 8 Point Lift treatment targets include:

✨Cheek bones — to define, enhance and lift your cheekbones, which also helps pull up, tighten and support the mid and lower face.

✨Dark circles under the eye/tear troughs — the 8 Point Lift can help to fill the hollowing under the eyes.

✨Nasolabial folds; these are the nose to mouth lines that can become deeper and more prominent with age.

✨Marionette lines/mouth corners — the 8 point lift aims to turns a sad mouth upside down! ✨Ageing can cause the corners of the mouth to turn down. Dermal filler and the 8 point lift helps to reverse a "downward frown."

✨Jowl area — these are the saggy jowl folds between the chin and jawline. Targeting these with the 8 point lift helps to re-contour and tighten your jawline.

✨Jawline — enhancement of the jawline angle with the 8 point lift helps to reduce jowls and create a sharper jawline by creating a subtle lift.

✨Mid-face/cheeks — ageing causes hollowing and a subsequent gaunt appearance when volume is lost from the mid-face and cheeks. Dermal filler from the 8 point lift replenishes this lost volume, tightening the skin and providing a lift to the rest of your face.

Not all 8 points need injecting on everyone. During your consultation a bespoke treatment tailored to your unique facial features will be devised, in order to achieve the best possible results for you. 

The 8 point face lift: £500 for July only!

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